The Green Sheaf and Hand Colouring

Pamela Colman Smith’s avant- grand idea of hand colouring the illustrations in her little magazine is a very daring idea in my view. Her idea of going against the contemporary mode of production-print making from machines- and actually honouring  her own style inspires me to be true to my own artistic abilities. I am a fond of painting on canvases, but in the recent years, the popularity of digital printing on softwares like Photoshop has increasingly made me abandon the actual craft of painting and instead move towards the digital format. Mainly due to feeling a sense of belonging and keeping up with the changes. But when historical figures such as Pamela are discussed, it gives a push to our consciousness to be true to ourselves and not to lose our interests in the midst of the society.

Another fascinating realization I had from our conversation on full authority of the contents, design and editing process of a magazine page, is the restrictions people have when they are editing other’s content. The idea of full authority of a publication is a privilege that should not be going to waste; you have the choice of rephrasing, or cutting your content. Full power to re-design your publications. The idea of giving some one else the authority to design your content is something I did not think of before!