Final Thoughts about Text & Visuals in The Little Magazine

In the past 12 weeks, we have been exploring the little magazine of the late 19th century, the late Victorian era. The most fascinating aspect of my learning was the agenda of the the editors and makers of these magazine that furiously wanted to contribute to modernity. Even though there was a prevalent tension between the ‘old’ and ‘new’ traditions, these magazines promoted avant-grande artists, literature and artworks. As we discussed in the final class of Modernity and the Visuals, the idea of ‘The New Woman’ for example was mentioned repetitively, especially with regards to The Yellow Book. Looking back and reflecting on the overall impact of such work – visuals and texts together- as a ‘total work of Art’, I realize how substantial artistic mediums are in promoting any sort of soceital change. Despite the 100 years gap or so, we are still able to pull so much information regarding the political, societal, and social aspect of the 19th century through the little magazines. Thank you Dr.Janzen-Kooistra for sharing such brilliant works of art and your knowledge regarding them. Moving on, the impact of text and visuals combined in order to promote societal change will always be a substantial part of my research and approach.