(Delayed) final class thoughts

Hi Professor,

I’m going to say that I needed an extra day to summarize my feelings about the course before I could submit my post, but I also just….  forgot (my apologies).

Thank you for running a thoughtful and meticulous curriculum this semester. If I write too much, you’ll recognize my notes from the anonymous course feedback, but I’ve really enjoyed this semester and how you’ve structured our learning in this course.

I’ve enjoyed becoming an expert in my magazine, and seeing my peers become experts in theirs. I’ve missed the research depth of key figures like Beardsley, but I’ve learned a lot from my peers’ presentations and, had I disliked my initial magazine, I felt encouraged to adjust it in the final assignments. I just happen to have loved Ricketts’ neurotic, self-explicating approach to magazine making, and especially how everything he does seems so on purpose. I’m really glad to have been able to unearth and pursue his work in depth, rather than engage in surface understanding of the whole decade. It’s an interesting approach, and I’ve really enjoyed it!

The subject area of this course feels very niche, but also very well guided by your expertise. To be honest, it’s exciting (and nerve-wracking!) to be working with your dissertation/book/subject area in an essay for your class, but it’s also a fascinating opportunity that I don’t think many students get.

Your feedback and grades are so quick and thoughtful, but I am still struggling with comma splices and I think I’ll have to task Helena with removing at least a third of them in my final assignment. If there are still too many, please cc her in my feedback.

Thank you for a wonderful semester, a fascinating course, and a great way to kick off Monday mornings.

Have a great holiday!

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